Arides Outlands

Yellow area of Map

Includes the towns/cities:

  • Aera
  • Brea
  • Sky
  • Vent

General Area Info:
The Arides Outlands is a place with strong desert people who formed small villages along the border of the Dread Desert that takes up most of the outlands. Of the villages Aera is the largest and holds the center for travel across all the lands and facilitate in most trades between countries. This area has a exotic atmosphere when compared to other areas. People have darker features and wear light colors and are rarely seen wearing any black. The Grand Imam is the leader of Arides Outlands and is named Tahar. He is a serious man who cares about his people. The land is difficult enough survive in due to the high temperature and barren land, he does his best to provide for his people. He has a daughter named Amira whom he protects greatly, after the death of his wife Nadia.

Worshiped Diety: St. Cuthbert and Fharlanghn

Arides Outlands

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