Bala Lands

  • Purple Area of map

Includes the towns/cities:

  • Dim
  • Lumi
  • Radia
  • Shad

General Area Info:

The Bala Lands are in a constant state of war between the east and west areas of the island.

  • The eastern side run by a man named Yisan, who is a lawful man that take an active role in governing his towns Lumi and Radia along side his beautiful wife, Bria. The eastern area is known for its cleanliness, order, and efficient enforcement officers.
  • The western side is run by a man named Yatang, who runs his lands with trickery and deceit. Rumors say that he occasionally hires assasins and thieves to raid other lands in order to support his lands for the wars he fights against the east; however, these accusations have never been proved. This land is unkempt, dirty, and over run with thieves. Possessions are never safe, even if kept on a person. There is a guild of thieves in Dim that call themselves the Faction of Foxes (aka FOF).

Worshiped Diety: Eastern – Heironeous
Western – Olidammara

Bala Lands

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