Earlan Nation

Blue area of Map

Includes the towns/cities:

  • Ash
  • Dir
  • Ear
  • Grav
  • Terra

General area info:

This area is known for its ties to nature. Many nomadic tribes roam the large spaces between small villages. It has always been a peaceful nation that works in harmony together, and has a stable government system composed of groups of people who gather to develop new laws, deal with foreign deals, and discuss any matters that arise. The lands are full of wild animals and people are commonly hunting and farming. Shinto is the current head of the governing council; however, he truly believes that he alone can not rule a land but with the help of his people, Earlan can become a paradise. Ash is the capital city and is where he resides.

Worshiped Deity: Both Ehlonna and Obad-Hai

Earlan Nation

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