Heahta Clans

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Includes the towns/cities:

  • Blaze
  • Bust
  • Igna
  • Kindle
  • Scor


  • Vulcan
  • Spark

General area info:

Heahta is a beautiful area that was rumored to have been created by the simultaneous eruption of both the grand volcano Vulcan and its sister volcano Spark. This area differs from all of the other areas in that is is based off a matriarchal society. The Empress Blossom is a honorable and gentle woman. She gave birth to 5 daughters and one son. Each daughter rules over an individual clan in each town and Blossom’s son resides with his mother, as her second hand and general of her army. Though women have a great role in the composition of the Heahta Clans, the men are treated with value and honor. Men hold some high positions and are respected as individuals. However, everyone answers to the Empress and her daughters. This area is known for its rare teas and herbs in addition to its beautiful glass work. Due to the volcanoes rare plants are fertilized by the ashes in the ground causing them to thrive. Common things found in this area include glass beads worn in most women’s hair, glass vases, glass structures, crystals, jewelry, green houses, wold flower beds, public bath houses, and blossom trees. Everyone is well bathed and scented, commonly dressed in white robes, and there are tasteful burlesques in some towns.

Worshiped Diety: Bahamut and Yondalla

Heahta Clans

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