Maetor Kingdom

Red area on the Map

Includes the towns/cities:

  • Iri
  • Klank
  • Klink
  • Lith
  • Zin

General area info:

This place is nothing like anything you have ever seen. Working metal is one of the unique qualities of this area. Machines, gears, and technology are common here in the Maetor Kingdom. Engineers and scientists go wild with yearly competitions of life improvement held in the main city of Klink. King Killian is fun man who judges the competitions and adds the winning pieces to his town for the comfort of his people. The lands are full of gnomish people and even King Killian is a gnome. Most structures are accommodated for gnome sized people, such some small sized chars in public places, small sized toilets, small beds, etc; however, there are normal sized structures as well. Larger creatures need special accommodations, for it is rare to find a large creature in this area. In addition to the technology, Maetor Kingdom is well known for its Trade Festival held once a year in Klink. This area is not known for its resources so it hosts other towns once a year at this festival so that people may trade goods and acquire the goods they need. Maetor specifically has a good relationship with the Heahta Clans because with they trade of hot rocks, coal, lava, and other goods the Maetor Kingdom is able to smelt and perform metal work.

Worshiped Deity: Carl Glittergold and Moradin

Maetor Kingdom

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